Palmetto House Signs 

​Beach House Signs, Lake House Signs, Cabin Signs

Please contact us for a firm price and shipping charges.


​As a reference, listed below are general prices on our sample (full scene) signs. Personalized with your wording and choice of border and letter color: 

​Standard Border and Letter Colors:

Rectangle Signs:

12" x 16" - $170.00
15" x 19" - $220.00
17" x 22" - $275.00
18" x 24" - $300.00
21" x 27" - $380.00
24" x 30" - $450.00
24" x 32" - $480.00
24" x 36" - $510.00
Plus shipping (Usually around $20)

Oval Signs:

11" x 17" - $170.00
14" x 21" - $220.00
16" x 24" - $275.00
18" x 27" - $345.00
20" x 30" - $400.00
22" x 33" - $450.00
24" X 36" - $510.00
Plus shipping (Usually around $20)

Palmetto House Signs is a small company located in South Carolina that specializes in CNC routed and hand painted house signs.
Our shop is located in Columbia, South Carolina which is in the middle of the Palmetto State. However, like a lot of our customers we are beachaholics! We have a vacation home on the south end of Myrtle Beach but love all of the coastal communities of South Carolina!


How They are Made
 We begin with sheets of High Density Urethane (HDU) which is a material specifically made for the sign industry. Signs are designed on a PC and output to a CNC router for fabrication. Each sign is then sealed with primer and then painted with top quality exterior paints. And then lastly our signs are turned over to a skilled artist for detail painting with acrylic exterior paints. HDU signs are light weight, easy to install and will not crack or warp as they age. Our Routed Signs are handcrafted and hand painted, and made to order with your personalization.